You've heard of singer/songwriter? Well I'm songwriter/singer. The site wants a choice made as to type. I chose not to Choose as I write in a variety of styles.

Check out: Hoolie Hoolie, It's A Good Thing, Old King Coal, Oklahoma Woman

01/01/2011 - I have 6 videos up on You Tube. On You Tube you may search Jimmy Joe Lee and all should show up.

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I uploaded a song/video to You Tube 4 months ago. To date (3/5/2011)it has had in excess of 131,000 viewings. Check it out

Musical Odyssey

Born in Oklahome City, my family moved to California when I was 5. At about age 10 mom decided I should have music lessions. Of all the instruments, she and my father thought the accordion best.

While I enjoyed the accordion I wasn't a very good student. By my second lession I decided it was easier to write my own songs rather than learn those of others. The accordion lessions didn't last but a year or so, but my idea that I was a song writer was forever.

I became a "manager" at about 18 of a local band in San Diego. Got fired from a good job as I was spending too much time making day trips to Hollywood to promote the band and songs I'd written. Produced an instrumental recording ( "The Catapiller Crawl") with the band that made it to about #50 on the Billboard 100. We were cheated out of the money but learned a lot.

Moved to Hollywood at about 20 and got a job with a record distributor as a promoter. Met up with a young group of four guys that were starting a record company. They'd put out a couple of records with no success then got Gary Paxton a producer/artist (Cherry Pie/Skip & Flip) to produce a group they'd found called the Innocents. He produced a song they'd written ("Honest I Do"). I't made it to about #30 on the Billboard 100.

I took over the A&R duties of their label (Indigo Records). Found a girl I thought could do a song ("A Thousand Stars") that had been a hit as a "race record" 8 years earlier. I produced a recording featuring her (Kathy Young) in the lead using the Innocents as the vocal back drop.

It became a huge hit over night achieving Gold Record status. I produced some subsequent hits but nothing as big as "...Stars". I started my own label (Monogram Records). Had a Westcoast hit ("All You Had To Do Was Tell Me") with an artist (Chris Montez) I'd found.

I wrote a follow-up to that song which became a bigger hit than "...Stars". The song? "Let's Dance". I set up a tour for Chris in England. Chris headlind the show. 3rd on the bill was a group called "The Beatles".

To Be Continued...

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Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Jimmy Joe Lee

Hey Jimmy Joe --thanks for the review and follow up! It's nice to meet you, and your music reminds me of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings (the two I listened to). ~Jeff

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Jimmy Joe Lee
over 30 days ago

Just saw your post. Can a review be redone? If so I'm glad to do it.

Hey Jimmy Joe!! When I read your comments about my song "Sunqeen", I was amazed at your comments that you couldn't hear it. Then, Al Corey said the same thing, listened to it again a few days later and said that then the sound was there. Giving all 2's really hurt my ratings. I was wondering if you could give it another listen, because I think I did have an electronic glitch. If you listen and agree it's better, please have your review removed----it was the lowest review I ever had of that song. All the Musical Best!! Pat

Hi Jimmy! Thanks for the review of "SunQueen,"
#1 in Florida and #1 in Chicago Blues!

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