This unsigned talent began making a name for herself as a singer/songwriter at the Washington DC Music and Entertainment Conference. Following this event, she was interviewed live on WPGC, 95.5 (DC's #1 station for R&B), and than featured just months later on FOX news. She has also proven herself as a powerhouse vocalist, astounding audiences for the Washington Redskins, DC United, and a variety of venues throughout VA, MD, and DC. In addition, Jessica Johnson's song "Why?" was selected from submissions around the world to grace the Mercedes Benz International Mixed Tape last fall. "...the self taught artist not only possesses an incredibly versatile voice, but also a sensitive ear for arrangement...." - Mercedes Benz. Learn more about this artist at

Jessica Johnson Bio

This unsigned talent began making a name for herself as a
singer/songwriter amongst DC artists after attending the
Washington DC Music and Entertainment Conference in 2004.
Her demo was reviewed by music industry hit makers such as Irv
Gotti and Rich Harrison, complementing her arrangement and
songwriting ability. In a radio interview with EZ from WPGC
95.5, she was asked how she felt about the comparisons made
between she and Teena Marie by the panelists in the demo review.

"It is flattering, to say the least."

Jessica Johnson has not only proven herself as a remarkable
songwriter, but also as a powerhouse vocalist, after astounding
audiences with her National Anthem performances for both the
Washington Redskins and DC United.

The versatility of her voice combines sultry vocals and airy
harmonies with clean powerful soul.

Her songwriting speaks to a broad audience of all ages and
background who love her refreshing blend of originality with a
timeless fusion of melody and meaning.

Mercedes Benz Press Release

Jessica Johnson just wants to know "Why"?

The self-made singing phenomenon has landed a prestigious spot on the Official Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape: Volume 8 with her young, cosmopolitan image and an incredible song titled 'Why'. /

After being one of the two select artists from the United States chosen to be included on the release, Jessica Johnson is starting to feel her own heat with her song 'Why?'s worldwide exposure. With more and more corporations looking to expand their market to a larger, younger, more contemporary audience, it's no surprise that Mercedes Benz jumped at the opportunity to incorporate Jessica Johnson's rich, sensuous sound into it's marketing efforts.

Please visit for more information on this unsigned artist.

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 08

Jessica Johnson
Title Why?
Artist Jessica Johnson
Genre Pop

In Jessica Johnson's modern R&B Pop, New and Old (World) are encouraged to forge new alliances. With British, Italian, French and Irish blood coursing through her
veins, the American singer enjoys a fresh mix of cultures and feels right at home in the cosmopolitan setting of her hometown Washington, D. C.

Furthermore, the self-taught artist not only possesses an incredibly versatile voice, but also a sensitive ear for arrangement and production. "I don't think I would ever
feel complete without music. By the age of five, I was already trying to replay church hymns on our piano, and as a teenager I used to record myself with a stereo, a boom
box and two mikes. This wasn't as easy as it might sound, because my rabbit loved to chew through the speaker wires!"

Nowadays, the recording process of Johnson's soul and R&B-influenced pop songs moves along more professional lines. While sound engineer Kevin Macklin added the
finishing touches to "Why?", a further 30 songs are currently awaiting release.

Over the last few years, the outside world, too, has come to discover Jessica Johnson's unmistakeable talent: with more than 50 live performances in and around Washington as well as a number of radio and TV mentions, the singer is currently considering offers from a selection of record companies. Meanwhile, she continues to act as vocal coach for AMG and worked as a talent scout and coordinator for Millennium Model Management.

TONOS reviews You Are

Dear Jessica:

Thank you for submitting your song "You Are" for evaluation.

This is an impressive song and recording; I can honestly say that this is one of the better songs I've heard...

This song is hip, fresh and innovative. I like your vocals and overall music tracks; the overall sound has a unique, modern blend of pop and hip hop a la Nelly Furtado.

Lyrically, you have some clever, articulate wordplay. I also liked your imagery and very rhythmic phrasing.

...this is a terrific song and recording.

Best Regards,
Dale Kawahima

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