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Kind of speaks on the state the we find ourselves in sometimes when we allow ourselves to stress over things that really don't matter. It's also a little about acceptance of the things we can't fix or change, though we may want to.

Song Description

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Song Length 3:30 Genre R & B - General, R & B - Soul


I'm thinking today is the day for a new start
Forgetting all the drama

I'm thinking I'll keep the news and radio off
And let my mind just wander

'Cuz I can't fix all of the hurt in the world
Despite how much I'd love to find it a cure

We live in a place
Where we take
And can't escape

So you gotta just ask..........

Can't we just all breathe...
Can't we let things be?
Can't we just let go?
Oh Oh
Baby we got to let go

You may see me and think nothing of my past
What could I really know?
But I've been through things that I'm hiding with my mask
'Cuz I won't let the hurt show

And I can't forget but atleast I forgave
And I know there's people out there who relate
Look in these eyes
The disguise
Over my life

So you gotta just ask.........


This place will tear you apart if you let it
People deceive, but you've got to forget it
'Cuz pride is not letting it just eat you up inside
Pride is being the big enough person
To just let go and say......


Lyrics Jessica Johnson Music Kevin Macklin
Producer Jessica Johnson Publisher Jessica Johnson
Performance Jessica Johnson Label n/a
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