The Crazy Daysies are a country/Americana band based in Jacksonville, FL. Primarily acoustic, The Crazy Daysies includes Rebecca Day on lead vocals and guitar, sister Jen Day-Thompson on vocals and viola, and Beau Littles on percussion.

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Jan. 2015-

The Crazy Daysies' original song 'Until I Win' is featured on Women of Substance Radio & Podcast, a station promoting independent music.

The Crazy Daysies are currently promoting their charity event, Spring Some Luck, for First Coast No More Homeless Pets, Jacksonville, FL's non-profit veterinary clinic, on 3/7/15 at Aloft Hotel.

The Daysies open for Michael Martin Band, a country/Americana group, at Jack Rabbits, a live music staple in Jacksonville on 4/16/15.
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My Dears, Cheers yourownselves! If you'all would stop getting into barfights, you might make more progress. But seriously, your sound and selves are red-hot, but to get it out, you has got to spread the word and the love around. Lookee me, a nobody from nowhere riding the Top 10 when I knows you'all are much better lookin and soundin. Why? Cause I pay it forward. Was going to tell you that the purdiest girls in Florida is in Jacksonville. Down here to Miami, most of the pretty girls is guys (see my Flower). Be the Love! - just only Nick.

Hi, Jen: I just wanted to thank you for your review of my song, "When I Go." The song is brand new and your comments are the first I've gotten - and they mean a lot! Sincerely, Pete Papageorge

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I enjoyed it very much!

Hi Jen,

Say, thanks for the nice review of my song, "My Kenworth Motel"! It comes from my 2002 album, "Modern Progress"....which I am happy to announce is due to be re-released tomorrow! Lots of fun, vivid songs on it. Stop by my site and enjoy that and more. I do have 23 albums on Broadjam...some that go as far back as the 60's.

I see you are new to Broadjam.....well, welcome to our big front porch on the net!


Chet Nichols

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Chet, your bio is very impressive! I look forward to hearing more of your music! Thanks for the welcome message!

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago

Hey, hey, hey,

Simmer down now! Don't try and butter me up!

Just kidding..... {:? D

Thanks for the note back.... BTW..... I enjoyed what I heard at your site.

Keep on strumming.


Chet Nichols

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