Jeffrey Wesley Landmon is a prolific songwriter with much emphasis on the heart. Writes in various genres. Found here is much of his "Unique" Music. A musician who began playing music at age 8.(The violin was his first instrument) Most of the compositions here are originals, with Copyrights. (See "Bio" about collaborations listed under "Credits")He is, in most recordings, performing all instruments and vocals. Please click the "Songs' icon to receive access to dozens of his demo compositions. Thanks for listening.

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Jeffrey Wesley is known to be very kind and often quite funny! He is also a Fictional Story Writer, with 13 published books. At the present time he is working hard to enjoy life and to bring joy to others.
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There are a few collaborations here."Lost and Found" by a Christian brother. "Pull Me Through" is written by Kristen Hope Justice. (Arranged and produced by J Dub) She is a marvelous and flawless vocalist! Find Kristen at: There are two songs that include drummer Towson Ensberg, he's with a blues band called the "Crosstown AllStars". Those tracks are entitled "Find Time" and "Would You Like Me Like That". Find Towson at:
Jazz artist and old High School buddy Arthur Fowler influenced a few of J Dubs tunes,teaching him the original chord progressions to tunes like "Beneath the Surface", "Arthur's Closet" and "Dangerous Addiction". Find Arthur at:
There is also found here, a J Dub original produced esp. for "Vlixx", the lead singer from a Band called "Hell trash". It is entitled "Angel Evil". Vlixxx on the lead vocal and lead guitar. Find Vlixxx at:


God Almighty and The Holy Bible.
and all things!


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