James Dore was born with a passion to entertain. From a young age, he and his older brother and sister would put on shows for their family and friends parties. Dore recalls, "My favorite routine was Cheech and Chong's "Basket Ball Jones" where I would dress up like a Rocker, whipping my head around with a long Rocker wig on and play my brothers guitar on my back like Jimmy Hendricks on crack! I was wild! My parents didn't know what to think. I was only about six years old at the time."

Dore's passion for music covers a vast number of musical genres; from Rap to Classic Rock to Electronica. But his dance background landed him firmly in the Pop/R&B world. "I can't help but focus on music that makes me wanna dance. For me not to be able to dance would be like not breathing for most people." Dore continues, "This is what I was made for."

Grammy award winner Be Be Winnans, describes James Dore's music as, "Good music with integrity."

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I just finished my new song; "Shut Up and Dance"! It's getting a lot of positive reviews and fan fair!

This week we're working on choreography to hit a few pool parties before the summer is out!

James Dore' Bio

James Dore' is a singer, choreographer, songwriter and TV host. Dore' has been performing music, appeared in billboard ads, fitness commercials and fashion shows.

Dore' started off a doing voiceover's for the Seattle School District at 6 years of age. Dore' dove into Breaking and "Pop-locking", or Popping as it was originally called in Portland, Oregon as it was exploding on his neighborhood streets and underage clubs. Later James joined the OSU Breakers performing at football half time shows, university events and crashing fraternity parties on campus.

At age 21 Dore' began traveling all along the West coast, from Canada to So-Cal, and Hawaii performing his unique blend of street and club dance styles. While in Hawaii Dore' was invited to perform at the prestigious Hilton Hawaiian Village on a weekly basis impersonating Michael Jackson. Dore' was offered to go to Japan and Bermuda to continue doing Michael Jackson impersonations but instead, due to a deep desire to explore and further develop his own style of dance and create his own music, turned the offers down.

Back on the mainland Dore' had the opportunity to do some more hosting on a show called Destination TV which he also wrote and performed the theme song for. And had the privilege of having four of his songs in a movie called Vampire Slayers.

His CD "Private Party" 2003 began turning heads at numerous fashion shows and upscale dance lounges through out Arizona. Dore' gained the title, "Most Featured Artist" on KEUG, G105.5 FM Radio Oregon, were he was hailed as, "One of the best up and coming artist." on The Tim Ryan Show Live.

Late 2011 Dore' teamed up with Producer Chris "Starr" Walker who is responsible for producing Omarion's first mega hit, "O" in 2005. Together Dore' and Walker created a 5 song CD tittled The EP. Dore' and his team are currently working on his first official music video, from the EP project, "See You again". It's due drop by early fall of 2012.

May 2012 Dore' was asked to narrate an educational documentary- Crossing the Jordan Together: An Exploration of End of Life Care in the African American Community. The documentary was filmed in St. Croix in the Caribbean Islands. He also wrote and recorded the song "Reach Across" for the documentary.

To sum it all up, in the words of Platinum recording artist and Grammy award winner Be Be Winnans, describes James Dore's music as, "Good music with integrity."

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over 30 days ago to James Dore'

Love the songs shut up and dance, Happy endings and reach across,night and day

James Dore'
over 30 days ago to James Dore'

I just hit Broadjams Top 10 for Classic Pop! Hooha!

James Dore'
over 30 days ago to James Dore'

Currently working on finishing up my new summer dance anthem, "SHUT UP AND DANCE" with Producer Chris "Starr" Walker. Very excited about this song since I love to DANCE! Look out for it in the next few days! Here we GO!

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James Dore'
over 30 days ago

Shut Up and Dance is finished and is getting some great positive feedback! Working on putting together choreography to hit a few pool parties this summer!

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