Shut Up and Dance

Story Behind The Song

I've spent a large portion of my life either working in or dancing in night clubs. This song comes from countless hours of fun in the club environment on the dance floor having the time of my life with some amazing girls.

Song Description

This is a dance song about going to that perfect club or party with the perfect atmosphere and meeting that perfect girl and all you want to do is dance with her. In many cases no words are necessary it's too loud to try to hold a conversation and the music is amazing so dancing is the only viable and logical option.... Shut Up and DANCE!

Song Length 3:51 Genre Pop - Classic, Electronic - Electronica
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful, On Cloud Nine Subject Dance, Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Michael Jackson, Usher Language English
Era 2000 and later


Shut Up and Dance
Written by James Dore'
Rap by Fenix

(1st Verse)
Soundin like a million symphonies
movin all through the room.
Thought it couldn't get any better,
till I set my eyes on you.

Starship glow-- got me open.
Time to go.
Gotta hit the floor-- feel your soul.
Bring that body to me.

I'm feelin so right now. Just wanna go right now.
Just hit the floor right now. (2X) And just ignore the crowd.

Just feel the music,
just put up those hands (X2)
Just feel the music,
Just shut up and dance 9X2)

(2nd Verse)
Party rockin uncontainable
The floor is like a sea of life
To take it higher seems unattainable
but we're sure gonna try.

I just know-- You got my soul
Time to go-- gotta hit the floor feel your soul
Bring that body heat.

The way your dancin on the floor
Your eyes and body seem to glow
It's just so soothing to my soul
Let's take it higher-- Let's go

Girl that bodies so wasabi (hot)
Got me movin so Bugatti
Too fast never loosin speed.
But babe you know you got me.

Uh, tryin ta see them moves
The way you do it got me so confused
Your man so lame and I'm so James
So really aint no need ta choose

Rollin up-- Take flight
Know wusup-- May life
Never met no one like you
he did you wrong let me make it right

What a night-- I got it
Girl let's get the bottles popin
I aint stopin no time soon
Girl let's get the party rockin

That's the only option when drop it
100K I drop it when we shoppin
Just cop it blowin up profit
for no reason cause girl I got it

Uh, I been cold
Keep you higher than a tent pole
Keep you movin to the tempo
Girl copy that 10-4

Swear ta god I run this town
Can't believe we're still underground
Linked up with James Dore'
Chris Starr we got that summer sound.

(Chorus out)

Lyrics James Dore Henderson Music Chris Starr Walker
Producer Chris "Starr" Walker Publisher Dore' Spirit Publishing
Performance James Dore' Henderson Label N/A
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