Love film score, solo piano - too many influences to name but should mention Narada label - David Templeton (Mason Ridge Records) - and artists from Yanni to funky Ray Lynch to Felonius Monk to Ronnie King. To me, nothing better than the crisp, heady resonance of piano held captive by kick ass samples, UFR's (unidentified flying riffs) and dropping bass. I'm getting back into composing again b/c I just can't stand to let all those untapped vibes dissipate.

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Graphic desiger / writer / composer.

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If music is the golden ratio then I want to be one of the angles - thus isometric man was born, and [isostudios] (isosilly's triangle?). My math has been waning though in lieu of my iambic pentameter, but I think I've found a way for them to live in harmony - so I'm looking forward to composing again, and thanks to the brilliant mechanical, melodic musings of Protilius (check him out here at if you haven't already), I found Keep checking back as I'll be working on adding new content!

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