innerverse is an exploration of the right side of the brain. every moment captured is not thought about, but rather occured as an instant of artistic impression and an attempt to ignore the analytical processes of the brain. i only desire expression in my music. there's nothing better than someone who can put an emotional connection onto a disk.

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ok 2007....... lets get to work.....
gonna be doing full new chill down album.....i donno why but i feel like is too tense ppl dont need edgy music......over the edgy sounds of the engines that drive their minds every day


i started playing violin at the age of 8 and aquired grade three royals schools then moved on to classical guitar which i aquired a grade 6 level certificate when i was 15. i am now currently doing a specialist certificate in studio production with berklee college in USA via correspondence as i live in South africa, but planning to try move to America and do a masters in production eventually.
other than that, i am also pursuing a career in fine art.

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