VIDIOTS-TUNE IN!! is Geoff Westen's Power Punk tunes-de-force and the follow-up to his acclaimed The Pigs-OINK! on Disturbing Music. The songs incorporate the scope of Pop and Rock styles Westen has performed over his career, and showcases his signature Wall of Pop sound. Reviewers and fans alike, respond to Westen's neo-retro sound, citing influences from the '80s to the present.

Westen delivers screaming guitars and a driving track that rocks his opening anthem for Vidiots everywhere, "Better Get Started." He kicks it up a notch on the thumping tracks "Angry Young Man" and "Don't Stop The Kiss." Funky-chunky guitars spice up "Action Man," while a slight touch of techno pulsates through "Some of You Girls." And no one does a ballad better or tells a more tender love story than the softer side of Westen on "She's So Young" and "Searching For Love."

Geoff Westen: VIDIOTS - Tune In!

From Oingo Boingo to The Killers, everyone hears something different in Geoff Westen's music. His neo-retro uptempo songs deliver screaming guitars and a driving track yet no one does a ballad better than Westen on the soft and tender side.

Geoff Westen has a long history in music and design, working on scores of projects with hundreds of musicians and talented artists in all fields, and apprenticed his musical craft with pop music stars in the studio, on television and on the road. His apprenticeship took on many forms - owning a recording studio where he worked with artists as diverse as David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Dr. John; on the road with his own bands and top commercial pop artists; and on television as house band on a network television show.

Westen's style is a life-long amalgam of pop influences. He laughs at the comparisons heaped on his music. "I understand why people want to compare you to some other artist or band as a point of reference, but it really gets ridiculous. If I showed you the list of 'who Geoff sounds like,' you would be amazed. It's a diverse group ranging from Oingo Boingo to The Killers to Chromeo. Wow! But, I'm not griping about it. It's great that everyone hears something different. It means if you're into rock 'n roll, you should be able to find something you like about my music - that's what I'm striving for."

Rock veteran Westen has spent a whole lot of years involved in the production and performance of music. You can hear this wealth of experience in his "wall of pop" arrangements and layered production style...and that's what sets him apart. For more on Geoff Westen go to

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