The Pigs - OINK!

THE PIGS CD OINK! is hooky power pop with the common denominator on all the tracks being WESTEN's quirky and eclectic mix of what pop music is all about. His layer until it hurts approach to building music is a key element to THE PIGS "wall of pop" sound. Each song is a musical skyscraper; layer upon layer until the pinnacle is cemented in place. You might not hear it all the first time or the second time. That's what keeps it interesting. Every time you give it a listen you will hear parts that you missed the time before; you will see more of the colors, taste more of the flavors. It just keeps getting better and better. His lyrics are often deceptively simple love songs dressed up as tongue-in-cheek commentaries on romance. He also amuses us with his observations and social commentaries about the state of society today. In other words, his lyrics are about all of us - what we do and why we do it. We hope you enjoy all the sounds that THE PIGS make on this CD.

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Clean Clean

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