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Light folk acoustic rock to commercial pop to alternative rock.

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Galeforce is the music of Baz, a singer, songwriter/ producer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

A well known music identity that grew up in Melbourne and involved in the Melbourne music scene, relocated to The Gold Coast where he has played in numerous bands as well as a recognized producer and sound engineer.

Baz has written hundreds of songs and released many CD's over the last 8 years. The music can range from light folk acoustic to commercial pop and alternative rock.

The band has different band members at various stages and the soul of the band, the rhythm section is Jowanna on bass and Aaron on drums. The last 3 CD's featured talented female vocalists and Janelle Renee shines as the lead vocal in the CD BerryJane.


Light folk acoustic to commercial pop and alternative rock.

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Having worked as a live sound engineer and studio producer for many years gave me the wonderful opportunity to hear many different styles of music as well as meeting the different band members. Musicians are musicians ? artists ? doesn?t matter what style of music we do. This opened me to a vast new experience allowing the appreciation of all forms of music ranging from soft commercial pop to hard core rock and everything in between.

My CD collection ranges musically from:

James Blunt to Placebo
Loreena McKennitt to Korn
Kasey Chambers to Nirvana
Jeff Buckley to Tool
Tea Party to Franz Ferdinand
Not forgetting Pink Floyd?..

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