The songs posted here are songs written by Fremont John. Some are simple mixes done at home on a Roland VS890 i.e. "Timeline" & "Tidal Wave" are examples. Both of these songs have been in & out of the Top-10 here at Broadjam several times! John confesses though that he is much more musician than audio engineer. This is the testing ground for new songs to see if they hold up as songs. The recording quality and production is not the primary goal here. Songs like the 2 mentioned above will eventually be done in a proper studio with a proper final mix.
Fremont John and Acoustic Thunder dazzle a crowd with their unique style and seasoned ability. John's voice alone often turns heads and entices passers by into

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Fremont John was strictly a solo performer for the past 6 years until his main venue in Key West, The Bull, urged him to put together a house band. F.J. is well known in the area as a high energy singer/guitarist with the reputation as one of the best acoustic players and singers in South Florida. He pulled in Francois Gehin on 7-string bass, who has a long history of major-label recording and touring. David Snavely, long time Atlanta session drummer and performer fills the percussion slot. The the band was formed around F.J.'s solo show. Since Feb. 2001 A.T. has seen extensive articles about them in 2 different local papers (see Press Info). They've developed a mailing list that grows at every performance. A recently released live CD, "Lightning Stikes The Bull/Live in Key West" consists of uniquely arranged covers and some original material. Material is currently being written for a new studio CD. Some of the songs here will be re-recorded for the next CD.

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