Welcome to the music world of Enrico Rinaldi.

You've entered a world of original sound, style, and artistic passion rarely experienced elsewhere. Rick is a master at capturing the imagination with music composition born of the soul. Self-taught, Rick commands the piano, keyboards, synths, soft strings, guitar, and percussion instruments, and then he brings the heart and soul of real life into every note he writes and plays.

Rick uniquely blends instruments in a manner that allows even a screaming rock guitar to share the same stage with a Cello and Violin; vocal usage is unrivaled. His music is captivating, rhythmatic, clean, and moving. Each and every piece Rick composes is deeply rooted, and passionately performed.

Latest News

With the release of his first album titled THIS TIME behind him and doing well in the market, Rick is working on his second CD, titled WHERE RIVERS RUN, which he hopes to have ready for release in the spring of 2007. Rick wishes to thank those who came to his web site and those who have enjoyed his music. Rick enjoys hearing from listeners, and looks forward to meeting listeners on the road.

Rick will entertain the thought of co-composing with others, provided he can find artists who share his same passion for the instruments and for the nature of things surrounding all of us.


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Clean Clean

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