ambient / alternative / instrumental

echo-echo-echo is the instrumental, loop-based, ambient, alternative, alter-ego of Michael Muilenburg. After spending time sequencing drum parts using various drum machines and MIDI for studio projects, he discovered Fruity Loops and quickly made the transition to software based production of backing tracking. With the release of Reason 3.0, it became clear that thee was alot more music buried in the software. Now equipped with Reason 4.0, many Refills and samples, it is hard to tell what sounds come from his guitars, keyboards, or just a mouse...

His soundtracks have been used for singer/songwriter projects, video soundtracks, and live looping with local bands.


Ambient - Alternative - Acoustic
Experimental - Experiential - Eclectic
Indie - Instrumental - Imaginative

Soundtrack oriented music, backing tracks, and beats.
Composition and recording done with Reason, Fruity Loops, various condenser and dynamic microphones, studio tube pre-amps, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, lap steel, bouzouki, analog and digital guitar effects, Line 6 Pod XT, Korg X5 Sound module, Roland midi-controller, Roland VS-890 HD recorder, and Boss MicroBR portable 4-track.

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