Our style is varied, covering folk rock to country music and celtic to ambient. Our music is available to buy on Amazon.com, eMusic and Napster. Please take some time to listen to the selection of songs that we have included and leave your comments.

The members of EASE were:

Amy Mackinnon: Lead and backing Vocals, Acoustic rhythm guitar, tambourine, lyrics
Erik McCall: Lead acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keys and harmonica, music writer, occasional lyric writer
Hugh Higgins: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on Used to Be and My Dream.

We currently have a music video which is available to watch at youtube at www.youtube.com/biddumy.

Latest News

New song up called "Relinquished Love". Please let us know what you think of the new song.

Amy Mackinnon

Amy was the former lead singer of the band. She was also a DJ with Celtic Music Radio (www.celticmusicradio.net) and had her own Sunday lunchtime slot.

Erik McCall

Erik McCall was the lead guitarist of EASE and is the producer of the group. He will continue to promote the group's music.

He met Amy and Hugh through guitar lessons and he was their teacher.

In addition to playing the guitar, Erik works as an accountant.

Erik also has other projects, these are:
Erik's Own (www.myspace.com/erikown)
Salvatore Sgarlata: (www.myspace.com/salvatoresgarlata)


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Chartreuse Culotte
over 30 days ago to EASE

Dar Mizz Ease, You sound just like a Ghost Girl singing (and believe you me, I know what I be talkin about). I will keep you a secret from Eric on account of he don't care for Ghosts, but I likes thee! - Fever

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to EASE

Dear June,

Relinquished Love is beautiful, haunting and real! As we have Friends and Styles in common, I humbly ask you check out my new song NO MORE, on the same topic, and let me know what you think. Enchanted, - Nick

Wayne Murray
over 30 days ago to EASE

Simplicity at its finest.Love the vocal.Tell the young guy holding the guitar his playing is ever so cool.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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