A short Bio: born January 25, 1948 in Arkansas raised in Texas now living in California. Music has been an important part of my life from about the age of three. I guess it all started by singing in the back seat along with my father as we drove from Houston to Little Rock, (we had no radio in the old Packard).

The music has been both a blessing and a curse but I would not change anything that it has given or taken from me. The only real value of any song is determined by how it does or does not affect the listener. As a writer, my goal is to present to you, unique and effective music.
Dwayne Bumgardner

Me: Dwayne Bumgardner

Hello, let me introduce my-self. I was born Herbert Dwayne Bumgardner and have been addressed as Dwayne for as long as i can remember. However, there may be a person or two who may remember me as Herbie or Herb Gardner, not that it matters much.
To make a long story short, I spent the first half of my life more in than out of the music business. Why, I don't really know but I seem to have spent the last twenty years or so pretending to be someone else. Maby God thought I needed a break. None the less, here I am, happy fo be back, as my-self (Dwayne) and it sure feels good to be me again.
Dwayne Bumgardner


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