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Our latest EP "I Got This" is out and available to download and buy on iTunes and Amazon for $4.95. The EP includes 5 Songs:
"Sprinkles & Sunglasses"
"I Got This"
"Perfect Cure"
"Let's Grow Young"
"My Way Out"

Help support our album! We hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for listening!


The Beginning

Ryan had been writing songs and playing guitar since he was younger. One night, Ryan invited me (Andy) over to listen to some things he had been working on and I loved it. I told him how I had been writing lyrics since I was a kid. This is where it all began. We started to combine my lyrics with Ryan's melody, and together shared a sound. We came to realize that we shared lots of the same experiences and were singing about things that meant a lot to us. Our friends loved everything we were making, so we stuck with it.


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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