Drew Clementino, with his powerful vocals and guitar melodies is an emotionally driven and charismatic songwriter. His compositions flow and fulfill both their musical and poetic intentions. His soulful voice builds on a sturdy foundation of catchy guitar riffs that carry the listener away to the places and feelings he constructs.

Drew started off in the Toronto music scene as a teen jumping in on open mics and jam nights with his poorly made, fake ID. He performed steadily with a variety of acts as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist. Along the way he was always developing himself as a songwriter and perfecting his craft. After a few early disappointments he decided to take a hiatus from music and joined the Canadian army. "When musicians rebel, they join the military."

His many experiences have had a deep impact on the themes and content of his writing. "It's impossible not to be influenced by some of the things I've seen."

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Drew Clementino

Drew Clementino is singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Toronto. Besides his own solo work he is currently the frontman for the Rock band Return For Refund. He also collaborates with other artists of multiple genres as a songwriter/guitarist. He is available for session and live performances.

"I love music of all styles," Clementino says. "What makes a well written and compelling piece of music isn't the genre. I try to look beyond the instrumentation and style to find something deeper in the songs I write."

Clementino's musical influences are as varied as music itself. As a guitarist he easily finds a place accompanying Rock, Blues, Pop, Dance, and Hip-Hop (just to name a few). His unique sense of rhythm and flow adds an unique texture to the tracks he is featured on. He is comfortable playing both lead or rhythm guitar.

Lyrically, he prefers a direct and heartfelt approach to his music. "It's not what you say but how you say it." Clementino says. "You can't fake honesty and sincerity in music. It's either there or it's not."

Clementino's song "Give Your Back to Me" was a semi-finalist in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition.

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Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago to Drew Clementino

Hi! Love" give your back to me" great lyrics, great vocals,and love the style of the song.... Blessings... Julia

Kathy Myers
over 30 days ago to Drew Clementino

Thank you for your very good review! And I will think more about a range of a song and experiment a little more for the correct key for my voice. Listened to "Give Your Back to Me" - like a lot of your lyrics and melody. Thank you again.

Hey Give your back to me is hypnotic - great performance - mood and lyrics - love the guitar work!

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Drew Clementino
over 30 days ago

Thanks...I appreciate it.

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