Doyle's the owner of Ellis Sound Productions and loves to write and record. He also works with other artist such as Gary S, Pratt. Doyle and Gary have co-produced four albums, Gary's 3rd album " THE OTHER SIDE" won him the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum's 2008 Wrangler Award and Outstanding New Artist Award. Doyle was honored and blessed in September, 2012 to perform at the Crystal Palace In Bakersfield, California in remembrance of Homer Joy's life. Doyle's worked with bands opening for acts such as Tracy Lawrence, Gene Watson, Linda Davis, Great Divide etc. Just to name a few.

Doyle Ellis

I'm Doyle Ellis, I've been in the music industry for about 30 years.
I have my own studio and have been writing for about 20 years. I also own my own Publishing Company "Domela Publishing" Have written a lot of songs and demo'd them.
I've performed live on stage & opened for such acts Tracy Lawrence, Gene Watson, Great Divide, Linda Davis Etc.
All the songs listed with broadjam I Wrote, produced and engineered myself. I have co-written a lot of these songs with a great friend of mine Don Harmon. I've worked with Homer Joy, writer of "streets of Bakersfield" Dwight Yoakom
& Buck Owens. I play lead & rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards
and do a lot of my own instumentations on my recordings.
I'm a firm believer, if you work on something long enough you'll eventually get it. Dedication is the key. persistence

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Here's a song a wrote a while back, Many thanks to Wes Akin on drums, Robbie Thompson, Harp, and Robert Payne for playing the Leslie, great musicians. It's a little different.

i put that /i believe/song on my top song play list--great stuff--thanks--joe

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Doyle Ellis / SONGWRITER
over 30 days ago

Hey Joe, How you been, I trying to start pitching some more songs and see what happens. Who knows

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