Doug Beck started his professional music career in Cleveland Ohio in the mid 80's where he quickly became the city's first call keyboardist for the region's most popular live acts and commercial studio sessions. A classically trained pianist, Doug became intrigued by the music technology breakthroughs of that period and developed an interest in composition and sound design. In the late 80's Doug moved to NYC hoping to expand his horizons in those areas.

Shortly after arriving in NYC Doug was invited by super star remixers Bobby Guy and Ernie Lake (Soul Solution) to move his studio into the legendary 9th Avenue Film Center facility. It wasn't long before Doug along with partner DJ Boris (Boris & Beck) were cranking out #1 chart topping remixes for the likes of Pink, Jewel, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Rolling Stones, Shania Twain, Salt n Pepa, + literally dozens more, plus billboard #1 club classics singles Fabulous (Guide Your Rocket), WONDERBOX's Turn Me Over and RENEE STAKEY'S Rai
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Beverly Glenn-Copeland
over 30 days ago to Doug Beck

Hi Doug,
Thanks for the excellent quality of your review for my song, La Vita. It was very helpful and I am considering your suggestions seriously. I'll be sending you other songs over time. If you're interested and have the time, you can stop by 1
And once I've gussied up La Vita, would you be willing to suggest a few names of supervisors I might contact? If that in inappropriate, my sincere apologies.

All the very best. Looking forward to hearing your music on your site once it's up.

B. Glenn Copeland

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