Funk & Soul the way yo' momma likes it, with all the stuff you like too. Sho' you right. So come on in and sit-a-bit if you can handle it.

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Dogtowne Boys Bio

590 Dogtowne Rd. is the first release by What Up Dog Productions. It's a compilation of smooth grooves and strong beats, blended with the sweet flavor of soul and a definite dash of funk. Guaranteed to make you move, 590 Dogtowne Rd. is a testament of all that life and love has to offer. Tugging at each of our emotions with such a heavy dose of reality, that it can't help but peak the listener's attention.

The expert stylings of vocalist, arranger, and lyricist Billy Lee paired with musician, arranger, and director Pat Herlehy has given way to a collaboration to be respected by today's top producers, artists, and entertainers.

Having strong roots in funk and soul, Billy Lee has worked with an array of seasoned professionals from Sly and the Family Stone to Gary U.S. Bonds. Billy Lee brings a warm, soulful sound to all his endeavors.

Pat Herlehy, guitarist, saxophonist, keyboardist has handled production projects with artists that have molded the direction of music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Pat is constantly on tour both in the U.S. as well as Europe working with the finest musicians and entertainers in the industry.

The alliance of Billy Lee and Pat Herlehy, known as the Dogtowne Boys, brings a long awaited and welcomed approach to the cutting edge sound of today*s music with a hint of *old school.*


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