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I am basically a song writer although i do perform locally.
I play all my own instruments as well as I can at this pint but my main focus is the overall content of the song. I am a true beleiver that there is a great beauty in simplicity and that is my normal direction. To get your message or story across and create a mental image or emotional reaction to the song.My voice is very low and a bit unusual but if you can see past that i do truly beleive that you will enjoy the content of my songs.I write in alot of different genre. Whatever appeals to me at the time. I also like sneaking in a bit of humor here or there when I can:) I hope you enjoy my music and I will be reviewing you as well so.... Be honest but be nice:)



over 30 days ago to Dmark

I love you dad and the fact we wrote this together one sunday morning! I think I was 17 :)

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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