David Findlay is a musician, composer and music producer. With an international career in film music he has extraordinary ability to write music in just about any musical genre or style, and is equally at home on stage or in the studio.

As a keyboardist and producer he has been working recently with his band Truth Panel who "adopted" him this past summer. It was nice to get back into a rock/pop music setting again after so long as a jazz pianist and film score composer.

Dave has a Bachelor and Master of Music from McGill University and is a graduate of McGill's prestigious "Tonmeister" program.

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"If you haven't heard of David Findlay yet, you will. Findlay's music is a portable soundtrack to everyday living. I highly recommend his album"

Rating: Excellent

- R J Lannan, New Age Reporter

In fact, RJ Lannan rated it as one of his top 10 CD's of the year! And if that's not enough, Dave was nominated for 4 NAR awards including Best New Artist, Best Album and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.


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