Within the little bubble of Kiel, Wisconsin, there exists a single name whose sound reverberates on the waves of fate - a name of power, a name of destined fame, a name of a band. But to construct a band with the power to redefine music, you cannot take any ordinary musicians and have them attempt to perform, you must take the best of the best, only the highest quality musicians, and train them down to the molecular level to play with finesse the music you know and love. Creating a band with such musical virtuosity as this will be difficult, and thus there will be Crimson.
But the reward is great, a sound like no other.

Nick Scholz - Guitar/Vocals
Austin Bolden - Bass/Vocals
John Lardinois - Drums/Vocals *In college so replaced for launchapd

Alex Jenson - Drums (for launchpad)
Kyle Henrickson - Guitar (for launchpad)

Latest News

We applied for French Creek Days battle of the bands, hope we get in!


Crimson was formed after I, Nick Scholz, had quit my previous band. I decided to hook up with my friends Austin and John to write and record music, and so here we are.


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