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Mark R. Harris posted over 30 days ago to Martin Downer

thanx for your review of my tune BDA....(big drive ahead)...going to make the changes you suggested. very useful review...


Mr. Martin,

You have a very great ear for music . . . The piano fx was put into place because I enjoy raw (in the front) piano a little too much (so I'm tried some variation fx). I definitely appreciate your thorough review of 'The WestSide Pianist Pt.1' track. To be perfectly honest though, I was only doing these trax from a hobby standpoint. I believe I'm ready to take my MUZIK to the next level.


Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago

I usually review stuff under the impression its for their own listening and not professional release. I might bring up little things but usually I don't drag them down too much because of lower quality recordings. But you really should take this to the next level, get it polished up and pro sounding. I firmly believe you wouldn't be wasting your time by doing as such.

Gee.Notez (Da Instru-'Mental'-ist) posted over 30 days ago

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I value your musical opinion very much. This is a 'home studio' produced and mixed track. I really trying to go from 'hobby stage' to 'Pro'. My background was mainly Hip-Hop R&B, but I love all types of music (especially my inner Soft-Rock) but Contemporary Jazz has always had a hold on me! You're right! This was for my own listening (as I try to develop my talents) because I play entirely by ear. But with precise reviews like yours - hopefully 1 day soon, the 'Gee.Notez' (G.Notes) won't just be for my keyboard nickname - it'll stand for the $$$ signs in my bank account. By all means - keep in touch !!!

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago

Its all about finding the right blend of production and talent. Perfect production does not a good track make... just makes it easier. I listen to a lot of older jazz from the fifties and sixties... production of Wes Montgomery album is great, but to hear it any other way would be a crime. Look at some modern rock acts. Foo Fighters won awards for the album they made in their garage. The Black Crowes performed albums virtually live... the list goes on and on. Its all about finding your texture, and I think you're on the way to getting that.

Gee.Notez (Da Instru-'Mental'-ist) posted over 30 days ago

On my days off, I will spend some time listening their craft. Expressing myself musically and working on my engineering perspective has been my biggest goals (getting that proper mix-down). I am truly appreciative of your words of encouragement (and with this digital-age faze)...maybe 1 day soon we can do some work together over the internet via e-mail.

From Peer 2 Peer: THANX!


John Surowiecki posted over 30 days ago to Martin Downer

Thanks for the review. I can see how some songs can benifit from being stripped down a little.

Paul Messina posted over 30 days ago to Martin Downer

Thanks for the most in depth review of A Better Day. Before Mark and I release the final mix, I will definitely take your comments into consideration for the final version. Thanks for the review!!!

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago

No problem. Drop me a line when the final version is available. I'd like to check it out.

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago to NashvilleJoe

Just listened to Sober Man. I'm not going to bother with a lot of comments, I'm just going to say that its the best song I've heard on here. I think that says it all.

NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago

thanks man--made my day--merry christmas--i'll celebrate 21 years clean and sober in march 11 coming up--peace--joe

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

Hey, thanks for the review. Always like it when people look at different aspects of the not only the song, but the arrangement and recording. I agree with the 'verb problem. Its going to be addressed, as I hear it, too.

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago to Jack Mathers

Hey, thanks for the good review of my track "Wash Away". I'm finding it interesting that my acoustic demos of songs are getting better reviews than finalized material. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago to Lori Jennerjohn

Bassackwords - if the song title wasn't right in front of me, I would've never spelled it right. The main lick in the song is great. Its simple, but the odd stutter on the guitar is so unique it really pops it out there and grabs at you. Now that lick loops through the entire song and that is fine. I would play a bit more with the shadow and light theory, making certain parts very thick and powerful and other parts very sparse and subdued, but use that lick as the catalyst that brings it all together. Then when your vocal parts roll through it the way they do, they'll break up into verses a bit better, rather than one long verse. I'm thinking "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles might give you a clue as to what I hear. One lick, but a lot of different things going on that build up parts and tug other parts down. Hope this helps.

Lori Jennerjohn posted over 30 days ago

Thank Martin!!! I will see what you are talking about...if you chat to make things easier...I and I do know there are glitches but don't know much bout what you just said??? LOL but want to understand...I will listen tothe beatles song as well and try to catch up with on??? Thank you soooo much and if you me if you want it would help i believe...I have know music peeps around me at all??? Hard to understand stuff but want to, I am learning fast and a quick learner more hands so visual/verbal is better and chatting is the next best generation ... lol Ps...Love that Car!!! Lori

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago to DUBfromVA

Thanks for the great review, when I cut a final version of the track I may take your thoughts on putting the hook out at the front of the song.

Martin Downer posted over 30 days ago to Left Lane Music Group

Thanks for the good review, I hope to get proper vocals and a good mix on the song in the near future. That Hammond you hear in the chorus... actually a Country Gentlemen through a Twin Reverb. It really does sound like an organ, though and I hope to keep it that way in the remix.

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