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Jazz - General | Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Bill Dake posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Elester, thanks for listening and reviewing "PHD". It was written in about 1984, so the lyrics might be a bit dated. They are on my Bjam site if you're interested. Thanks again,

The Ohio Music Awards posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Less than six weeks remain to enter The 2014 Ohio Music Awards! We're celebrating the best of Ohio music - enter yours at www.theohiomusicawards.com

Kipjam Music Group posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Dear Elester: Thank you for your kind review of our song "I Want to Be Your Radio", it is really appreciated

Susan Witzel posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Thanks Elester for your review of Shine. O agree I would like to fillit in more with instrumentation and harmonies. Out of time and money at the studio! ;0) Thanks for your feedback :)

Paul Messina posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Thank you for the review of "Tonights the Night". I appreciate good constructive criticism. I will remix and bring up the bass.

Paul Messina posted over 30 days ago

I'm uploading the new mix now. I did a bunch of changes in the mix (brought up the bass and guitar solo and put some effects on the rhythm guitar).

Susan Witzel posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Hi Elester-

Thanks for your nice review of When I Go and for your time :)

chanler taylor posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

thanks for the review. i have stepped up my recording and mixing since then. i will put some new jams on soon. thanks alot.

Tony Chetta posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Hey Elester, thanks for the review and input of my song "The Surface." Sorry you didn't like it, but I will consider adding some symbols... good idea.

Wednesday Jones posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Thanks for reviewing "Methadone Dream". Wow, you're the first to mark low on the lyrics!!! At any rate, the recording most definetley is the pits...we did it live with two Roland Edirols...a big experiment (owing to lack of money). It's unmastered but should be done soon , then I can sock it up again....I found a guy who's terrific at splitting the tracks and beefing things up. Don't know why the volume came in so low, that's another first too.....but that's good to know. Anyways, once it's mastered and I sock it back up here all crummy reviews are wiped out :D.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Thanks for the horrible review of "Made for You"

Elester Steele posted over 30 days ago

sorry but I never reviewed this song, but I am playing it now and I like what I hear...

Elester Steele posted over 30 days ago

Add a comment...

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

Yeah, I have a review from you on "Made for You" instrumental.. You said, "I think this song could have used a little more drums." with a lot of low marks and no real helpful critiques. Thanks again!

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

Every time this happens to me, I just respond that "Al'Quida hacked my computer and is out to get me. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience."


LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

it's ok.. I would just like for some useful critiques to be given particularly when bad reviews are given. That would be understandable as Broadjam policy is to leave constructive criticism. I make that a practice in EVERY critique that I give. It's a useful tool so the person being reviewed can have something to take note of and/or improve upon next time.. That's all..

des flynn posted over 30 days ago

report it to broadjam as unhelpful as it offered no constructive comments. I done it and got a bad review removed from my "reviews of my music"

MELVIN BARHAM posted over 30 days ago

Some people unfortunately don"t get what the review process is all about. They think that if they give a good song a low mark, that give them a better chance of getting in the top 10. You would think it was the grammies or something. Its supposed to be constructive criticism. For example, if you give a low mark on the vocals, explain what is wrong.... I'd just report it & have the review removed.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

Agreed @ Melvin... Anytime I give a review it's usually a paragraph especially if I have to give a low score (which I rarely and hate to do) because I would like for the person to know what to work on or be aware of. I've given away a lot of perfect and near prefect scores. But as you say Melvin it is for constructive criticisms and maybe they think it's the Grammies, but I'll report this issue..

Thanks guys!

MELVIN BARHAM posted over 30 days ago

I just listened to your song "Made for you". Thats a great song. They gave that a low score? ( ITS LIKE THAT?)... I just checked out some of their songs.. hmmm. Broadjam needs to check into this type of thing.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

Thanks @ Melvin... It's not even the low score I am worried about... If you are going to rate low at least explain why and say how I can improve. I've received low ratings before and due to their explanation I accepted. Not everyone is going to like a work due to creative differences or tastes, and I accept that.

rp music posted over 30 days ago

Okay.....many of you know my attitude and position about the review process at b-jam......I've discussed the review process with Jesse, one of the senior admin people at broadjam....Jesse is a good guy, but change at b-jam is slow or non-existant!
I have offered suggestions, like a 'mandatory practice-reviewing period, wher the new member reads the b-jam guidelines for reviewing(I bet 99% of b-jam members have never set eyes on this!)and then submit their first three reviews automatically forwarded to the bjam staff
for quality control and feedback....if the 'test' reviews are not up to snuff, then three more until they get it right!
The next suggestion that I've made is based on the obvious....there are amateur and also professional members....this has never been acknowledged by b-jam....I really don't want an amateur passing judgement on my music...conversely, I'd rather not listen to the drivel that comes up when I am reviewing....most of the newer member's stuff is so bad that I must hit the cancel button, because there just isn't anything that I can say about what I'm hearing.........the quality of member has dramatically dropped in the last few years and its apparent to me that quantity of membership is much more important than quality....I would like everyone who's taken the time to comment on this stream to also voice their feelings directly to b-jam as I have....I doubt it will help because the company has shown no interest or flexibility towards members (at least not this one) input, and if no significant changes occur in the review and other components badly in need of change, like the computer system, which I've discussed with Jesse, to no avail..I'll be bolting before too long......did you know that ALL bonifide licensing companies do NOT charge a writer/producer anything....think about that!

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

I find myself thinking of how they ended "Jay and Silent Bob strike back."

Jay knocks on door with long list of names in hand, 10 year old answers door, Jay looks at list.

"Are you poopmonster007?"

Kid repulsively answers "Yes! Whats it to you!?"

Jay and silent Bob then commence to kick the hell out of him.

(Smiles proudly while nodding..."

MELVIN BARHAM posted over 30 days ago

@ Rich, i have voiced my concerns about this issue to the b-jam staff. Like yourself, I didn't notice any flexibility either.

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

I think they should just see to it that reviewers get to review people with similar reviewer scores... Bad reviewers should get reviewed by other bad reviewers and vice versa.

Robert Adams posted over 30 days ago

I like Rich's idea about new members reading the guidelines. At the very least there ought to be a "I have read the guidelines" click before proceeding.

LuV-R posted over 30 days ago

Agrees with Rich Pulin

CJ Livermore posted over 30 days ago

guys Listen to my Get out my face song let me know what you thinks thanks guys hope u are all well and good luck with what are doing :)

Benjamin Stone posted over 30 days ago

I just Think PMoB should be separate from non PMoB in the review process. Those who pay care more. I have seen this over and over now. And I also do not like reviewing non PMoB material in general, the music is, in general, inferior.

rp music posted over 30 days ago

YO, Ben........right on the nose!
But they won't do it.....
The place is run like a bargain-basement
blow-out brassiere booth!
You ask what might I know about a bargain-basement
blow-out brassiere booth?
I was the 'fitter' for Bernstein's Birmingham Bargain Brassiere Bin, in downtown Birmingham, no less!

rp music posted over 30 days ago

Does anyone else notice the absence of the usual Broadjam slant on things?

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

i think all of us need to elevate ourselves above the review process...

Put a 100 people in the room and ask them what the right thing to do is... and by the time your done... The answer will be worthless.

You're artists... i think we should all start acting like it and ignore the trash that tries to pull us down from accomplishing what we were born to do.

@#$% the critics.