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Blue Xrysalis
over 30 days ago to RICARDO ALONSO

I have to say I disagree with your review, this song was improvised not composed and it's about an emotion not composition, it stands on it's own :-)


Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Blue Xrysalis

thanks for your review of Only Hope (instrumental)--i understand your review and feel of it to you, but i don't get at all the "eagles" comparison--don't think it's even close to anything they've ever done...but that's why opinions are just that.
thank you for taking the time to comment, and best of luck with your work!
warren hein/songwriter

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Lady Jane
over 30 days ago

I do agree with you, as I am not a rock performer, I would like a rock band to take this song. Maybe I shouldn't even post it on Broadjam. I write in several different styles, and can only perfom some well enough in a few categories. Thanks for your honesty. Ladyjane.

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