I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist looking to start a rock band in the Seattle area. The music is vocal driven with a strong emphasis on rhythm, often in odd meters.

Ideally I'm looking for a hard-hitting, poly-rhythmic, rock drummer who has the feel to make the "weird" stuff groove. The bassist should be able to write melodic transitions as well as hold it down with punchy lockstep riffs. Vocals are always a plus.

On this temp site are some of my unfinished ideas (Adobe Flash required to listen). The drums are programmed by me and are not at all what I'm looking for. I want a much better drummer than my computer. If you like the vibe, leave me your contact info under the Connect page. Let's find a cool name and start rockin'!

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Chuck writes about real life and relationships in songs of odd and mixed rhythms. He switches between steel and nylon string guitars, utilizes pure and unprocessed sounds, and employs techniques from a variety of styles. Between songs, Chuck amuses the audience with subtle and impromptu humor.

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