Hello!!! My name is Chuck Thurau and I am a working bassist and vocalist living in Brooklyn, New York. I split my time between performing with several bands including "Goldilocks" (Top 40 / Rock and Dance Cover Band) and "Green River Tribute Band".

I am also a songwriter and producer. At this moment, I am focusing on instrumental music, but I do compose music with vocals as well.

Outside of music, I am a practicing Buddhist, a husband (married to Judy) and a father of three grown kids (Noel, Nina and Victoria).

Who the hell is Chuck Thurau???

Who the hell is Chuck Thurau?
I am a bass playing, singer / songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. I’m also an aspiring producer with a few recording projects under my belt. I have recently left the very popular and world-renowned Ska phenomenon, "Spider Nick and the Maddogs" where I served diligently as the bassist and vocalist for close to 9 years, playing some 700+ shows, as well as producing the bands latest CD, "Bone Dog"

Embracing Chaos
Embracing Chaos is truly a DIY project. It is a reflection of many influences, from Classic Rock to old school Soul and R&B to Reggae and Ska with Hip Hop Beats. It has been described as "Spaced-out, blues driven, reggae flavored rock over r&b beats" and “Urban Cross-over”. I wrote and produced this CD using a mix of modern computer based recording and sequencing gear and old school bass, guitar and singing. (I did manage to wrangle a few friends into contributing some performances).

In my opinion, the stand out track is “Chaos is Constant”, my personal take on the religious right, fear and the (Conservative) American way of life. I wrote the lyrics after watching one of the Bush – Kerry debates. The lead track, “Eye of a Butterfly” was written as a wake up call to my own humanity. It’s about wanting to plug into being human and feeling connected to others (sometimes it’s a challenge to feel connected in the fast passed New York City world in which I live).

Currently, I’ve been splitting my creative energies finishing up a collection of instrumentals (for an early 2007 release), playing and singing with my new Blues band, “East River Ratz” and looking for other artists to produce.

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