By allocating “Ready, Chillin, and Able” throughout the south, Chill has bridged the gap between undistinguished to distinguished. To further renown his alias, Chill has just released, “My Documents”, his third underground album. This invigorating collection of tracks exemplifies the obstacles Chill had to cross to sustain his progress and to soon conquer success.


Willie Price Jr. a.k.a. “Chill Will” was born February 28, 1981 in Jackson, TN, where he has lived a great portion of his life. In the process of doing his homework, “Chill” at the age of eleven decided to write a rap. Being that he had no access to a recording studio, creatively he would utilize two radios (one playing the track and the other to record) to originate songs. “Chill” performed his first live act in his eleventh grade English class. He recited a rap entitled Romeo and Juliet, in which he received an “A”. After graduating from high school “Chill” moved to Memphis, TN to attend college. There he was introduced to a local rapper named “Mac Meek”, who encouraged him to go to a recording studio and insisted that he continue rapping. “Chill” made numerous underground tracks, but never tried to distribute them because his finances wouldn’t permit him to copyright his great works. Eventually he received a job and began saving to purchase recording equipment. In 2003 “Chill” had two prominent accomplishments, in which both characterized the foundation of his career. He released Freeze Warnin, the first underground album and established NEE*gro Entertainment, recording label. “Chill declares, “the recording label is not in any way racist, but is an acronym for “NEVER EVER EVER gonna run outta Entertainment””. He then obtained an opportunity to open up for a Memphis, TN rapper, “Skinny Pimp”, at a local club. “Chill” performed “Part-time Pimpin’”, “Keepin’ it Souf”, and “ Jackson 10”, three of the top hits from his first album. Just when “Chill’s” career was ascending, his luck came to an abrupt end. On February twenty-eighth in 2004 “Chill” was arrested in the club for possession of counterfeit money. That was the day when he acknowledged it was time to wake-up and get serious. July of that year, “Chill” began to work on his second underground album. Prior to completing this album, he decided to change his name from “Chill Will” to “Chill Done Deal”, since it was too common. “Chill Done Deal” was then shortened to “Chill Done D.” This name originated from the former championship wrestler, from Memphis, TN, Superstar Bill Dundee. He selected “Chill Done Deal”, because he felt, once his lyrics were put to music, it was a done deal! His second underground album was released in the summer of 2005. With its complexity and unique style, Ready, Chillin, and Able has sold successfully throughout the south. “Chill” chose to place his contact information on his album cover. This decision was imperial to his progress. It permitted him to receive feedback from his fans as well as consumers. Another step in “Chill’s” plan of success is to advertise his album cover and web address on his vehicle. This too will allow “Chill” to view the public’s response. He is currently working on the third underground release, but the title is uncertain.

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