My name is Charlie Soste (Pronounced SAUCETEA). I' m a Toronto born, New York and California based singer/songwriter. I guess my sound could best be described as a primarily acoustic one fused with electric and electronic instruments thrown in. I'm presently working on an album and when the tracks from it are completed, I'll post them here. I hope that you like the music that you hear on this page and if you do, I would not mind if you let me know.
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My name is Charlie Soste. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My early life was one that was not without hardship. I struggled in school and at a very young age, had to handle the pain of a contentious parental divorce and its aftermath. The difficulties of that time propelled me on a search to find something that could serve as a means of comfort against the backdrop I was living with. At the age of fifteen, after having been inspired by the Beatles and Sting, the answer came in the form of music when I began learning to play the guitar.
Naturally, I progressed to writing my own material. I soon found that to my surprise and occasional chagrin, I was writing songs people came to describe as "confessional" tunes.
As time has continued on, I have sought to improve upon this initial framework. As I seek to write and perform songs that have an intelligent, lyrical message and an interesting, engaging melody. What has emerged from this is what can best be characterized as rock or pop songs that have a primarily acoustic sound with lyrics that seek to impart meaningful messages. In particular my songs, "Not In The Plan" and "Backed Into A Corner," are examples of this.
Armed with an unceasing love of music, and a fierce determination to succeed, I moved to New York City with the intention of becoming a successful singer/songwriter. The steps I have taken to accomplish this have been playing the local club and bar scene around the city and recording and submitting a Demo CD to various management and record companies across the United States. But, now I'm ready to begin professionally touring and recording, because I hope and believe that my music contains a substance that has been lacking in the music of many new artists in recent years. It is music that tries to be appealing, identifiable and thought provoking to those who hear it. It is the music of Charlie Soste and I hope that you like it

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