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27 years old
Played in numours bands including: The Frogs, Cry wolf, Gunn and the Monkey Man, Mr Bus; to name a few
Loves woman but not there silly ways
Likes: Playing live rock, Kiss and Kissing, the Beatles,football,horse racing, going to the gym; anything that involves taking your clothes off.

I have a strong local following with solid Cd sales. Currently organizing Australian summer tour.

I want to be the new force in Pop/ Rock,I have a fantastic new album called "Take a Shot" Tracks include a remake of the David Bowie classic "Sufragette City" were I add my own brand of fire power.

So please arm yourself today with the Bren Gunn, go to and if you live in Australia come to a show.

Take care,

Bren Gunn

Greetings from Bren Gunn

Hi everyone this is Bren Gunn,

Thankyou for visiting my site. Iam a rock artist 27 years old. I have done TV work in Australia as well as some modeling. I have been playing in bands for almost 11 years and love live shows. I have been in the studio creating a new album "Take a Shot" It has alot of great music on it and I hope you go to my site a grab a copy ( or if you live in Australia go to your fav record store. Thanks to everyone who bought the album; the second run will be finished soon and avalible in November 06.

Iam currently working on a new tour ( Under the GUNN Tour )due to start in November 06 to promote both my first album and my upcomming second album "GUNNFIRE" the first single off the new album "Another day" will be out soon.

I live in Australia and love the freedom Australia and the USA provide. I have been to the States only once and enjoyed it very much, this is were I meet; for the first time Gene Simonds of KISS fame, he is a fantastic person with a great deal of insite.

My album is full of everything from power ballards (Secrets) to rock (Miss Money) to alternate sounding pop ( Blue) and also includes a cover of the David Bowie classic "Suffragettte City" and five (5) more great tracks I hope you all will enjoy.

Iam currently looking for a record deal so if you are a A&R person I would love to hear from you.

In the mean time stay well and keep rocking.

Take Care,

Bren Gunn

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