Hear us

Story Behind The Song

My mind is a strange thing, it just came to me

Song Description

Trouble with young people, trouble with growing up

Song Length 3:28 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Frenetic, Annoyed Subject General, Darkness
Similar Artists Anthrax, Tool Language English


Television talks to me
nothing i have not heard
its everything it does to me
that makes it so ubsered
coffees in the kitchen
as the vicar wines and dines
and here I am your nightmere
in the nic of time

The news today has told us that everything is fine
Iam hear to tell you man I have seen the other side
a hero is all we need to get us back inline
someone to look up to, telling us everything is fine

Chrous 1
can you hear us, were calling you
Can you hear us, theres nothing left to do

herd the news today, that everyone gone mad
a little spark, another wisper
Jeniffers gone mad
everything is falling down, getting harder to stand

Chrous 2
Jenny can you hear us
its not working
Jenny can you hear us
this is not working

Chrous 1 x 2

Chrous 2

He was just a young boy
dont expect to understand
wrong street, wrong corner
part of someone elses plan
think that she went crazy
never followed throu
dont believe it, dont see it
growing up is hard to do

Chrous 2

Lyrics Bren Gunn Music Bren Gunn
Producer Bren Gunn/damien Parrella Publisher Bren Gunn
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