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This whole movement goes out to represent for my people back home, holding it down since day 1. ONE LOVE like brothers and sisters.
First, I want to thank my mom for always loving me, no matter what. My sis' who helped mom raise me. You gave me the self confidence to believe I could make it through college. Now look at me...top of the class, My cuz Leo G. You've always been like my lilttle brother and you will always be. I love you man. The city is so hard and you've kept your head up. I'm so pround of you. My auntie who also helped mom raise me for a while, you complete my family circle since we all shared 3 bedrooms, back in the 80's in Neukölln, Berlin City.
This goez out to the Gz in B.C. who stuck together, and will always be the fam. To the G. who's got no Sukka in him, and will be Sukka Free 4 Life 4 Live. This goes out to 'Salle" my main man, and his lil' big man 'b-boy T'. This goes out to gee-man, who's been my boy since he flunked 8th and I came in his grade. My love to your wonderful growing family. And you've always been the role model on how to make a change in your life, and get up out the hoodi 4 goodi. Atze my dog since he flunked 7th and I got in his class. We was jammin 3rd Bass n shit! 'Herbals in ya Mouf!' dat shit was da SHIT dog! Look at us now, graduating from college in the same year. Man it's forever, you feel me.
Ashok, my dog since we was youf MC's. Always gave me some competition that made me constantly polish up my skillz. 1....

To those who joined my cirle of people over in the USA:
Big Rob! My dog since '98 in the beefy streets of NC. While cats murdered eachother in tha neighborhood, you showed me how to put my mind on the weights....I weigh over 100 kilos now, naturally. You showed me how to roll that Blunt ti8 as I roll'em now! I will never loose touch, and I will never forget.
Alan Sin! My Chinese Brother. 3 years in the joint didn't change you, and you will always be a brother to me. You will come see me in B.C. and I will shop the ticket for you. Just give me some time to generate a healthy surplus.
DJ Tiger! My main man on tha streets of TreFo'. We are of like minds and we let'em feel it in our productions. It's 4 Life my man and it ain't nuthin nobody can do about it.
To my girl with tha Marvel POWERS and her boy Austin. You've been one who truly understand me over here. No matter what the differences were, you knew it was deep when we conversed. I will always love you for being there in my hardest days since the street. My hardest days as an intellectual, and for feeding that side of me. I thank you.

...To be Continued

BC tha hustla


Name: Chris Henry

Born: Texas, 1978

Grew up: Berlin, Germany (1984-1998)
represent: Neukölln, Charlottenburg, Tempelhof

Rap Muzik since 1993

Producers: DAYTONA and KRIS ILL from TradeMarkTraxx(TMX) DJ TIGER from LikeMindsProductions (SEARCH: DJ TIGER on Broadjam.com)

Education: Sound&Editing, Film School -North Carolina School of the Arts

Chris Henry was born in Texas in 1978. Sometime between then and pre-school, his mother Antonia and sister Jasmin moved to Berlin Germany. Together with his aunt Monika and his younger cousin Leo, they moved into a three bedroom apt. in the Donau Strasse #105 on the second floor in Neukölln, Berlin.
The Schoolbus net didn't reach the district, so Chris and his sister Jasmin took the Subway 12 Stops to get to the school bus, when BC was in preschool. In her 8 grade Jasmin moved to attend the North Carolina School of the Arts.
At age 11 Chris was taking the subway to the school bus alone, and was introduced to growing up in the city.
The change of character occured during a violent situation when BC tha hustla became an activist for non-violent activitiy, and no longer hustled illegal product on a regular basis. CD's have been the new moving product since then. tha hustla says he's been through the mud, and is looking at the situation from the other side.
The newer trakks clearly reflect the positve energy, but also reminds of the struggle it sprung from.
No educational institution believed in him, until he came to the USA and took advantage of getting a fresh start.
Chris Henry is graduating from the North Carolina School from the Arts in June 2006. Holla at a hustla, baby!

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