Personal Information

Birth Name: Madd K
Stage Name: MaddKProductions
Date of Birth: Oct. 20
Place of Birth: Shelby, North Carolina
Race: African American
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160

Career Background

Performed talent shows in the early eighty until the late ninety.
Started producing Madd K Production in the early 2002.
Attended Cleveland Community College, Electronic Engineering Technology

In my own words

I can't explain how hard it's been, or the sacrifices I have made.
  • Member Since: 2005


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Andrea Standley
over 30 days ago to Madd K Productions

Sacrifices, we've all been there if we're musicians, songwriters, artists, lyricists - poetic souls. We do what we do because we can't NOT do it! Having said that, we love what you do and would like you to share your work with the world, and be fairly compensated for doing so. Give us a look and ask any questions. Hope to have you onboard SONGSINC one day. Either way, the sacrifice is worth it!


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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