Barry Wedgle

People Barry Wedgle has played with aside from recordings;

Sam Rivers
Ted Curson
Archie Shepp
David (Fathead) Newman
Joe Levano
Taj Mahal
Chico Hamilton
Charley Haden
Eddy Daniels
Joe Locke
John Hicks
Dave Samuels
Ira Nepus
Glen Moore
Vincent Chancey
Joe Sample
Billy Johnson
Mark Johnson
Ben Monder
Ed Schuller
Ralph Towner
Harry Belafonte
Robby Kreuger
Billy Rogers
Sticks Hooper
Spider Web
Tony Moreno
Jim Seeley
Allen Ginsberg
Jeff Collela
Joe Lee Wilson
Chip White
Sigfried Kessler
Douglas Dunn
Nada Diachenco
Rene Heradia
Jorge Pardo
Carlos Benaven
Carlos Carli
John Kaisan Neptune
Bruno Carr
Wilson Viveros
Arte Landy
John Betsch
Jean Jacque Avenel
Toko Hino
Tokoshi Kako
Ross Trout
Steve McCraven
Bobby Few
Jim Pepper
Steve Neal
Bobby Colombi
Kenny Werner
Ed Blackwell
Ratso Harris
Sahib Sabib
George Brown
Peter Warren
Pat Metheny
Ruben Dantas
Billy Drews
Hugh Regan
Kike Santander
Oliver Johnson
David Murray Big Band
Joe Bonner
Glen Farris
Mac Goldsbury
Ray Drummond
John McNeal
Paul Warburton
Warren Smith
Mike Clark
Eddy Moore
Mal Waldren
Steve Grossman
Anthony Cox
David Gilmore


"Barry Wedgle has again shifted expectations, and has produced one of his most important musical statements to date." Paradise#1014  Nick Lea 2004

"Jazz guitarist Barry Wedgle has wondered the globe in his quest to forge a solo style unlike any other".
Nancy Motsumoto, The Magazine, Tokyo, Japan, Dec, 88.

"The first poly-free guitar player. The most interesting of the decade".
Steve Lacy 1985

"Barry Wedgle has a rare combination of many styles".
Roveretto Daily, Roveretto, Italy 1983

"A guitarist of illuminating solos". 1985
Loic Chaveau, Montpelier, France

"Strange and iridescent.  Acoustic Spanish jazz guitar strung
between a boudin (drum) and a egil (3 string gypsy violin)
with shamanic vocals and throat singing intermixed - this
incredible CD is beyond description and very, very good."  Country and Eastern#1006 Brett Simpson 2004

"Veteran Barry Wedgle puts his own twist on the guitar combo session format by concentrating on acoustic rather than electric guitar. The acoustic gives his sound a human urgency that's a welcome contrast to the glibness of so many mainstream electric guitarists." Paradise#1014  David Dupont  2004


Barry Wedgle Discography

Barry Wedgle Discography

Exit Records #1014
Barry Wedgle-composer & guitar
George Garzone-tenor saxophone
Santi Debriano-bass
Billy Hart-drums
Daniel Moreno-Percussion
David Baker-engineer
Mike Ellis-producer
Darkness Publishing BMI

Exit Records #1009
Barry Wedgle-Composer, Guitar
& Charrango
Jerry Granelli-Drums
Phil Sparks-Bass
Jim Peluso-Drums
Titos Sampa-Congas
Fly McClard-Tenor Saxophone &
Horn Arrangement
Geoff Lee-Piano
Collin Walcott-Tabla
Jay Clayton-Voice
Paul McCandless-Oboe
Glen Nitta-Alto Saxophone
Mark Harris-Tenor Saxophone
Rick Jones-Trumpet
Walter Dawkins-Tenor Saxophone
Beth Winter-Choir
Chandricka Fernandez-Choir
Cara McMillen-Choir
Bob Burnham-Engineer & Producer
Brad Smith-Enineer & Producer
Recorded in Denver, Colorado in 1982.

The Rendezvous
Exit Records #1001   
Barry Wedgle-guitar
Steve Lacy-soprano saxophone
Recorded in Paris, France, 1994

The Antidote, Barry Wedgle Octet
Capri Records #74044-2/USA
Russell Bizzett-drums
Ira Nepus-trombone
Jim Seeley-trumpet
Kim Stone-bass
Jeff Collela-piano
Mike Nelson-saxophone
& Nick LeFleur Arranger
Engineer: Bob Burnham; Recorded in Hollywood, CA, USA 1990

In Your Dreams
Exit Records #1007
Barry Wedgle-Composer, Vocals & Guitar
Kim Stone-Bass & Producer
Anne Kennedy-Vocals
Christian Teele-Drums
Steve Barta-Piano
Bryant Jones-Keyboard
Greg Adams-Keyboard
Doug Grow-Vocals
Dave VanVliet-Keyboard
Bob Mocarsky-Keyboard
Keith Oxman-
Tenor Saxophone
Chris Lawson-Trumpet
Chuck Schneider-
Tenor Saxophone
Brad Upton-Trumpet
Pam Powers-Violin
Crystal Bliss Brandl- Djembe,
Djun Djun & Shakers
Barry Wedgle-guitar
Shigeo Sugiyama-bass
M.A. Records, Japan M010A (CD)/Japan
Recorded in Matsumoto, Japan 1989

Exit Records #1002
Barry Wedgle-composer & guitar
George Coleman-tenor saxophone
Steve Lacy-soprano saxophone
Mark Thompson-Keyboards
Brice Wassy-Drums
Rammond Doumbe-Bass
Felix Saba-Lecco- Drums
Noel Ekwabi-Bass
Biboul Darouiche-Percussion
Bob Drewry- String Arrangement
John Spindler-Violin
Alberto Ramirez- keyboards & mixing
Dave Zinno-Bass
Flavia DeMello-Vocal Percussion
Chandricka Fernandez-Voical
Beth Winter-Vocal
Cara McMillen-Vocal
J. F. Kellner-Engineer

Love Can See, Barry Wedgle
Tokuma Japan TKCB-30133 (CD)/Japan
Russell Bizzett-drums
Jeff Colella-piano
Ira Nepus-trombone
Jim Seeley-trumpet
Kim Stone-bass
Engineer: Bob Burnham
Recorded in Hollywood, CA, USA, 1990

New Weave, Rare Silk
Polygram Records #810-028-1y-1
(Cassette, LP, CD)/USA, Europe, Japan
Gary Barts-saxophone
Michael Brecker-saxophone
Randy Brecker-trumpet
Eric Gunnison-piano
Recorded at Caribou Ranch, Colorado, USA 1991

Country and Eastern
Exit Records #1006
Bob Amacher-Boudin
Andre Mongosh-Tuvan throat singer & egil
Barry Wedgle-Guitar
Vera Sazhena -Voice

Futurities 1&2
Steve Lacy-saxophone
Hat Art Records (CD) #6031, 6032/USA, Europe, Japan
George Lewis-trombone
Oliver Johnson-drums
& Jean-Jaques Avenel-bass
Recorded at IRCAM Studio
Centre George Pompidou, Paris, France, 1985

This Girl Charito
Crown Records PAS#1005 (CD)/Japan
Featuring; Noriki-piano & arranger
Recorded in Tokyo, Japan, 1989

Exit Records #1005
Barry Altschul-drums
Barry Wedgle-guitar
Kim Stone-bass
Recorded in Manitou Springs
Colorado 2002

Rolling Club Band
Tokuma Japan #30uc-468(CD)/Japan
Featuring; Shigeo Sugiyama-bass
Recorded at Mt. Fuji, Japan, 1999

Steve Barta
Source Music SBCD #906/USA
Featuring; Kim Stone-bass
Bob Rebholts-flute
Recorded in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 1989

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