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Barry Jay, the Man behind the Scenes
A native New Yorker turned Los Angeles workout instructor and entrepreneur, Barry Jay is flexing much more than just his muscles these days. While enjoying the success of his revolutionary workout and gym franchise, Barry's Bootcamp, the man behind the scenes has become an imaginative and talented songwriter. Originally a music class outcast, Jay is proving song by song why he's a new force to be reckoned with in the country and pop music writing scene.
As a high-schooler, Jay experienced numerous failures with attempts at performing and learning a variety of instruments, eventually his band instructor relegated him to study hall during class time for the sake of the other students. Making the most of his 42 minutes of daily seclusion, he became drawn to the piano and immediately began writing his own songs. Jay taught himself to play and eventually performing in all the school musicals. Now officially on track as a pianist and songwriter, he packed up his gear and headed for the West coast to pursue his dream.
Influenced by classic writers and hit makers such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Dianne Warren and The Beatles, Jay dove headfirst into the world of pop and country. His first songwriting break came with "I Will Stand by You," which remained at number one on the Christian radio charts for over a month in 1990. After falling head over heels into the LA party scene for a few years, he cleaned up his act and recommitted to songwriting, as well as fitness, eventually leading to the creation of the Barry's Bootcamp franchise, which currently has locations from Southern California to London, England.
His presence continues to grow throughout the country, pop and Christian music scenes, particularly around the greater Nashville area, where he has collaborated with some of the city's most established writers. Shelly Fairchild, Greg Barnhill, Jeff Silbar, Billy Montana, Dan Demay, Greg Rowe and Amanda Williams all lurk within Jay's writing resume, including his song "The Fire" which appeared on an episode of MTV's Ugly Betty.
While Jay doesn't perform professionally, a number of tracks from his catalog have been signed by independent publishers, which he expects to appear in assorted mediums in the near future. A variety of his creations can be streamed on his ReverbNation, MySpace and Sound Cloud pages, and fitness fans can learn more about Barry's Bootcamp on the gym's official website.

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