Barbara Drive mixes Midwestern pop sensibility with indie rhythm and post-British invasion sound. We write in a very personal way about the people we've known, the places we're from and the places we've been, whether beautiful, uplifting or not. Our music is our art and it contains cultural comment expressed with musical and lyrical skill. We're not here just to sell product; still, we want listeners to enjoy our music. We want to be in your heads, both melodically and intellectually. Paraphrasing a British legend, we do what we believe in and don't take no sh*t. We like melody, harmony, and hooks, even if they are in songs about things as unmelodious as war, grief, love, loss, and the frustrations of the many who are living the so-called dream. Why do we do this? Because, for us, it is impossible and unthinkable to do otherwise. We just can't stop.

Barbara Drive

DJ and Jerry grew up on Barbara Drive. While teenagers in the basement, they formed their first imaginary super group: "Mr. Coffee and the Automatic Drips." The Drips played one gig -- three songs -- and brought the house down, thus motivating the duo and their musical pursuits for a lifetime. Over the years, D.J. and Jerry played in a number of bands. DJ developed his lead guitar skills while Jerry refined his singing, songwriting and rhythm guitar. Barbara Drive represents the fortunate confluence of their musical journeys and a rediscovery of shared passions.

Alberto (drums) hails from Lima, Peru. His drumming features effervescent cymbal work, booming toms, a snapping snare and judicious kicks. Along with our bassist Jimbo -- who seems to know every tune in the rock repertoire -- Alberto anchors a rhythm section that accentuates the Barbara Drive sound with a Latin-flavored alternative rock attitude.

A Vox AC30 makes Jerry's Rickenbackers jingle-jangle with a clean sound reminiscent of The Byrds, The Beatles and early REM. The Ricks complement the vocals by chopping out sharp cuts like those of Jerry's favorite band, The Jam. DJ powers a Les Paul, a Strat, and PRS Gold Top with a classic Marshall bark. Feedback and whammy-stretched strings add to the vibrant cascading sound of his lead guitar. Pretense aside, the Barbara Drive sound is solid, simple, and reminds us of the greatness of rock and roll.

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