Song Length 3:45 Genre Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Similar Artists Jars Of Clay, David Gray



I try to see the comedy in everything in life
I like to make people laugh
help them forget about their strife
cause life's hard and it's heavy and there'll always be


Though we've little in common, I dropped by when I heard the news
cause I share in your heartache since I've lost a loved one too
Yeah we're all very different
in a million ways, but

Refrain II
Tragedy makes us the same
Tragedy makes us the same

Friend, don't bear this burden all on your own
I'll be right here by your side
I may not have the answers
but i can cry with you

(2 lines of just music)

it's a photoshopped world everytime I look around
we all want to be loved, but we get it all upside down
yeah we hide all our problems, but we shouldn't feel ashamed

Refrain III
Cause Tragedy levels the plain
yeah tragedy makes us the same

the beggar and the banker
the cop and the thief
both shed tears and experience grief
rich or poor, weak or strong
it doesn't matter we all fall down
political sides, racial divides,
regardless of age, we can all relate (F)

Refrain IV
Tragedy we're all the same
Tragedy we're all the same

Yeah, we're all very different
in a million ways
but Tragedy makes us the same

Copyright Robert J. Hatcher 2011

Perfect score from me!:)... Amazingly crafted song!! Great vocals, great use of instrumentations!.... Love the style! Definite song for a film!! Oh and great lyrics!!!

Perfect, loved it.

Great song well done!

Lyrics Robert J. Hatcher Music Robert J. Hatcher
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