Once Upon A Time*

Song Length 3:18 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists Jeana Marie Potthoff, x Language English
Era 2000 and later

Simply charming , wonderful lead vocal and harmonies. I'm a sucker for a cello as well !

A sad love lost song.

I like the lyrics and the arrangement. I also like the entry and exit of the harmony.I hear good songwriting skills and good choice of melody pattern. This song reminds me of something by the Beatles with John Lennon. The lyrics are well delivered by the main vocalist and the song keep my interest right till the end.

Very good and soulful sound. Emotion is expressed very well both vocally and musically. It puts you to mind of many of the more expressive songs of the 70's.

Love the simplicity of the intro. Nice harmonies. Solid Vocal and lyrics. Nice...........

Sounds like McCartney inspired, it's perceivable in the melody and in the vocals. Which is always a nice thing (for me). I don't hear much country. It's a slow and melancholy ballad, with a "once upon a time" hook that works.

Like the vocals and the vocal arrangement. I like that the song is put together in a way that I can grab onto it easily and clearly understand what it is saying. It gets my attention early and holds it. Piano blends well with vocal.

Great singer/harmonies

I always enjoy hearing songs put to Piano, this was no exception. The vocals and arrangement were very well done. I really enjoyed listening to this song. Nicely done.

very well done vox.. there are a few spots that they were late coming in and the song is a bit 2 dementional a listener wants to travel with you on a song and you need more HIGh points... the musicn never really changes dramatically. bringing in a percussion and larger middle chorus or bridge then back down for last verse.
could be a huge one if rearranged and recorded with my suggestions and wow...

This is beautifully done! I loved the piano intro with the distinct musical hook that pulls us back throughout the song. Strong vocal, and the harmonies were great and very well placed. I loved the instrumentation, especially when the strings came in, it built beautifully.

The lyrics were good, although I felt like the melody dragged and places and it made it feel long. I think if you would speed it up a bit it would sound even better. I enjoyed the lyrics.

Really good across vocal arrangement / lyric and musical backing.
Merits a number of listenings - find something new each time.
Simple but effective intro hook

Nice arrangement, instrumentation and melody.

Wonderful vocal performance. Lovely piano performance. Sweet crystal clear recording. Good instrumental performances.

Sweet melody, nice to the ears.

has a great melody

Tone in voice is very nice. The sentiment is heard. The idea of the song is good.

Great lyrics and subject matter. Enjoyed the piano!

Music Steven & kenney Noguera Producer Steven Noguera
Performance Steven & kenney Noguera
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