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Song Length 4:14 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Modern
Lead Vocal Instrumental

Some Kick Ars Guitar playing, Get Back Jo Jo!

Like the guitar work, good single coil sound. Drum track keeps it interesting in the breakdown section. Like the transitions at .50 & 2.50. Organ tones reminiscent of the Farfisa. Keep it up!

It just doesn't get much smoother than this. Transitions and chord changes are great and timely. Instrumentation is killer!

Nice groove and a throwback sound that almost reminds me of Booker T and the MGs. Super-clean recording which I love. I also appreciate the dynamics.

Love this guitar player. In the pocket and on the money.

This song got me going, tapping my foot and nodding my head. Everything about this song was nice and soooo smoothly blue. It started out with a country feel, but then it got urban real quick. Definitely could hear this playing across a honky tonk bar fight. LOL.

Nice guitar playing

I enjoyed this blues instrumental. To my ears it had a Eric Clapton circa 70's feel to it especially the instrumentation. Lead guitar work was nice. Overall not bad!

Solid three chord instrumental blues. The playing is cool.

Really digging this jam keep it up

real smooth, slick, guitar riffs!!!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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