Days Go By

Song Description

Philosophical retrospective on life, risks and the prior relationship of a couple against the backdrop of a high school reunion.

Song Length 2:54 Genre Country - Contemporary, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Exultant Subject Seasons, Life
Similar Artists Rascal Flatts, Bruce Springsteen Language English
Era 2000 and later


Days Go By


Couldn't wait to leave this town

The water tank in the rear view mirror,

We were glory bound

At our high school reunion

Oh, don't let me down

I'm searching for your face


Oh, I once believed in yesterdays

And your heart hadn't changed


And the days go by

Summer nights turned into years

Take your dreams and fly

High above your hopes and fears

Cause the days go by, The days go by


Caught the next thing smoking outa' here

Destination was unclear

I guess I had to try my wings

You married young, had a son, looks like the one,

Who up and ran,

And left you behind

It wasn't quite like you planned


Oh, sometimes the greatest risk,

Is never taking one at all

We were younger then


And the days went by

Summer nights turned into years

Are you willing to try?

We can rise above the tears

Cause, the days go by

Days go by

Days go by

Good solid vocals on this song. Nice harmonies.

Very nice voice and a good story

a good solid tune

Great voice and harmonies. Sounds like an early BJ Thomas or Elvis flavored song. Reminds me of the early days when dramatic music was in style. Your voice defiantly wept the song and made me feel like you experienced this, which is what an artist is supposed to do. You should be in Vegas on the big stage.

good job i liked your song

This is a solid country recording that could appear on the radio. The vocal is good and the instrumentation solid if not exceptional. The lyrics are well constructed and the theme is one that lots of people can relate to.

This song brings back memories. Paints a nice picture.

You have a very good voice . The song flowed very well and was well written.

A beautiful song with nice vocal and beat. Really good.

Very cool, unusual chord progression for a country song. And excellent lyrics to boot. Great song!

Love the country vocal sound! Keep up the great work bro!

like some of the lyrics, though all over the place...structure needs some help--don't rush it! good chorus lift try. good overall ideas.

really good vocally and an interesting chord structure for a country song

Lyrics Wayne Ammons Music Wayne Ammons
Producer Wayne Ammons, Chalmers Davis, John Patrick Publisher Wayne Ammons
Performance Wayne Ammons, Chalmers Davis, John Patrick
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