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Guitar blues instrumental heard on "The Weather Channel"

Song Length 1:01 Genre Blues - Modern, Blues - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cheerful, Pleasant Language No Language

Nice little tune going on here...
Some interesting guitar phrasing
Thanks for the listen

This was a instrumental track.Which was a good thing for a change in flavor. It was lead guitar driven with a nice rhythm section accompaniment. The lead guitar definitely had more of a blues flavor with his chops, but the rhythm section hinted of the blues but not quite all the way weaving in and out of it. It reminded me a little of something Bruce Hornsby would do if he woke up one morning and forgot how to play the piano entirely but discovered that his guitar playing chops have gotten better

This song reminds me of a Steely Dan, Larry Carlton vibe. I like the sound you got from your guitar,it's perfect for this song. I like the changes in your arrangements. Maybe you could add a blues harmonica in some of the areas in the music.

This unique instrumental has the potential to be commercialized- nice execution on this record - great for telemarketing on hold on the phone type of jig.....

Shades of Larry Carlton , some very tasty playing with a solid bridge section.

Not exactly what I was looking for, but nice.

loved guitar nice catchy guitar melody. the timing is a litte out on the track/loop . overall liked the song nice bright melody

Real nice progression at :30 & 1:14. I like the length. Said what you are going to say, said it well, went on. Nice! Good key change. Nice Lead. Very enjoyable piece of music.

Great guitar tone. This song is nice and melodic. Sweet sound. the rhythm was great. A nice toe tapper. Great song I liked it.

A lot of variety in this smoothly played guitar instrumental.

Nice intro, reminded me of a few classic songs which will go unnamed. B section complements the song well, Ilike the addition of thedouble tracked guitar there. Nice jazzy guitar solo almost Almond Brothers at the end.

Excellent musicianship throughout, love the laid back vibe. Very well done!

Cool relaxing Guitar Instrumental with a nice feeling theme.

I like the song. It has a bit of a country feel to it. Very easy listening and nice guitar sound.

Very cool Blues/Jazz Fusion. Light and exciting. Has a great feel to the song that makes the listener want to continue listening and leaves him wanting the song to be longer.

Nice blues backdrop.......good guitar....good energy......

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Clean Clean

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