Old Sew and Sew

Story Behind The Song

I love to sew, so this is my song!

Song Description

Ballad, a woman's story from learning to sew when a little girl, growing up and eventually sewing for her family & quilting.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, Pleased Subject Clothes, Home
Similar Artists Peter, Paul & Mary, Joan Baez Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


I?m just an old sew and sew;
I?ve got a needle in my hand wherever I go,
A quilt in the frame and one in my head
and a bag of old scraps tucked under my bed.
I?ll stop sewin? on the day I stop livin?
It?s a little that I?m keepin? and a lot that I?m givin? (away)
One gal?s work is another woman?s play
I?m so glad God made me this way?

I was cut out little as a woman of the cloth
In our big family, lots of buttons fell off.
Mama says, ?Katie, will you sew ?em for me?
You handle that needle so naturally? CHORUS

Then I grew to be an older lass.
I took a little high school sewing class
Rippin? out stitches and sewin? up seams
Puttin? pretty patches on my old blue jeans. CHORUS

The kids came along, and I couldn?t stop.
Sewin? late at night till my eyes would pop
Makin? life special with homemade clothes
Calico dresses with the matching bows. CHORUS

I?m gettin? old now, but I won?t wilt
I?ve gotta get started on my next quilt
And when I run out of fabric, I?ll expire
Until then I?ll be stitchin? to my heart?s desire.

I?m just an old sew and sew
I?m just an old sew and sew
I?ve got a needle in my hand where ever, ever, ever?
Where ever I go!

love the song.... good story

KATE, You are always so much fun...My first thought while hearing this is, Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" her mama made for her out of scraps... what a great way to use material, when folks used every scrape instead of going to landfills...great job...

I like the traditional sound and feel of the acoustic guitar with that sweet high vocal and the harmony vocals add just the right amount fill. nice harmony on the ending as well. Very happy little folk song with all of the traditional sound and feel combined with a happy folksy lyric. Very well done, thanks for sharing it.

nicely played, sung and presented all the way around! a fun fun fun song, cute as a heck! like the harmony line too!

This is folk for sure, but I also wondered about it being in the unique category because I really think this would make for a cute song in a commercial. The lyrics are awesome! I'm glad the music was fairly simple so I could just enjoy the story. Great fun! I like all the visuals and the creative ending too!

Perfect tone on the vocal... not too much reverb, thank you! I can understand every word. Love the lyrics, it tells a cute story and puts me in the rocking chair in front of all the action. Very fun, cute and creative song.

I think I recognize your music!! Really fun, clever song! So well written.....cute and poignant! The recording could be stepped up but I don't think that's a big deal on a song like this.

Cute song, voice and guitar, simple demo, but very clear and easy to understand. I liked the addition of the harmony, too. The lyrics are happy and clever, the song is well written, and I'll bring you all my sewing!

What a pleasure it is to come across a song so full of life! The harmonic structure is simple but spiced up by the modulation to the dominant. The longer phrases at the end of each chorus/verse add interest to the melody. And then the story, self-deprecating, reassuring, personal, knitted (sewn?) together with witty rhymes . . . and I haven't even talked about the duetting voices yet (I guess it's all you?). These are the icing on the cake.

just great! like an instant classic.... so cool! loved the harmonies at the end :)

I like this surprise of a song a lot. It's a smiler of a song. Excuse me while I play it again. It's a terrific little lyric and paints a wonderful picture for those of us fortunate enough to hear it. It all fits together very well from start to the end of the song. The music and lyrics are made for each other.

This is very catchy, I could hear it on a childrens program!

This song is lovely - made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye. I would imagine that it could be successful if marketed to family and women's groups who would also laugh and recognise exactly what the song is about and identify with it. I think it speaks for and to many people who, one assumes, are mostly overlooked in song content terms.

True to the genre. Lovely job - I'm sure you market this song to quilts shows, Doll shows. Great fun!

Good, upbeat, theme in a traditional, folk setting. Some light hearted and clever lyrics with an easy listening feel. Great voice and harmonies. Made me chuckle! Can hear this piece in an advertisement.

A very clever song, I think it may be a re-write of an old, traditional folk song? Nice voice, sweet, lilting melody. Fun.

Ahhh, the voice of an angel! What a fun tune.....great story and lyrics. I used to do hand-designed designs on cloths back in the 60's and 70's.....this takes me back to those days. My Grandmother taught me how to sew....and to this day, I am the go-to-guy in the house for clothing repairs

I admire how you phrase the many words to make this work so well - not an easy thing to pull off. I like the lighter feel to This. For the life of me i cannot write a light song... a refreshing look at a vignette of a tiny slice of life.

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
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