Convertible Summer

Story Behind The Song

Had a GF. We had fun together in love in our convertible. She went off to college and now she lives far away and our relationship is long distance. It's winter and the car's top is up now.

Song Description

Verse/chorus 2x. Scat singing solo. Verse chorus and end

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - General, Jazz - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Joyful, Charming
Subject Long, Kissing Era 2000 and later


Convertible Summer

Breezing along in my Cadillac with the top down
The wind is blowing through my lady's hair
How I love the feeling of freedom that it brings
Riding along in the open air

It's Convertible Summer, sweet is the sound
Of Convertible Summer, I wish it could last all year 'round

My lady and I, we packed ourselves a picnic lunch
We're gonna spend the day beside the sea
And when the moon is shining, we'll kiss beneath his light
When no-one's around but she and me

It's Convertible Summer, sweet is the sound
Of Convertible Summer, I wish it could last all year 'round


Now the snow is falling and the top is up
My lady's living so far away
I find myself dreaming of those times we left behind
I'm always wishing for those days

Of Convertible Summer, sweet was the sound
Of Convertible Summer, I knew it wouldn't last all year 'round

Convertible Summer

Strong happy summer vibe song that makes you dream of those carefree days.

Interesting topic! Very creative presentation of a unique subject. I could almost feel the breeze tossing my hair! The intro sets up the song beautifully. The clarity of the vocals is praiseworthy and the excellent mix keeps them right up front. Nice drum and guitar work! Effective backup vocals. Production is very professional, with a great attention to detail. I like the way you went through from summer to winter in the story. Nice, well-thought out ending.

Fun summer song

Fun, authentic-sounding vocals and instruments in this feel-good summer tune! Perfect for film.

Lyrics Phil Bouldry Music Phil Bouldry
Producer Phil Bouldry & David Coate
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