The only thing I know for sure

Song Length 5:04 Genre Latin - Rock, Latin - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Lost Love
Similar Artists Santana Language English
Era 2000 and later

2 Cool Latin-Rock groove. Vocals right on point along with the band. Infectious groove!

This is really a great song

Soft Intro leads to powerful Latin Fusion. Love it. The instrumentation is very good. Nice percussion work, both drums and conga. The bass is nice and low, evil in spots, top notch. I am a keyboard player...somebody buy the piano player a Mohito, please! Great solo work. The guitar tone is very cool, on the edge of distortion in the beginning, then morphs to lead. Over all...great job!

Great combination of sounds and love the style. This singer is spot on and has great back timing. Tasty guitar--wish I could here this band live! Of course Santana comes to mind! Want to steal the keyboard player!

Amazingly passionate vocal. Very sexy word pictures/description in the first verse. Interesting mix of instruments. The keyboard player is fantastic...wildly wonderful. Instruments really augment the story and emotion of the story. I like the way the story turns around "I hope to see you again". Memorable hook. This track is really well put together.

The song has a great feel, which also happens to appeal to my personal taste. Nice chord progressions create a wistful atmosphere. Obviously a great band, with talented musicians playing with clear enjoyment. There are some nice solos, from the guitar and piano... flawless harmonic orientation, and I like the Cubano piano octaves particularly.
Energetic and convincing vocals too, delivering the lyrics clearly.Good rhythm section too. Overall a most enjoyable track. Thanks!

Obviously there are similarities to the Santana/Rob Thomas song
But... I was raised on Santana so a big plus for me
Nicely done too, good piano work
Well done

Lyrics Mark Chatham Music Mark Chatham
Producer Mark Chatham/Don Dupuis
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