Who's Right, Who's Wrong

Song Length 3:40 Genre Jazz - General

Wow! This morning I've been reviewing tracks here in the jazz genre, and this track really, really stands out as excellent! Love everything about it. Well written and composed, excellent production values, fantastic lyrics and vocals. Triple A. Well done.

Loved everything musically about this song. Great start and ending. I thought it would be a instrumental until the vocalist started to sing. I found his voice to be okay. I was more impressed with the music and the musical arrangement.

Nice Jazz/Rock, Steely Dan style tune. Well recorded, arranged and performed.

love it, great playing, love the intro, and the guitar coming in kinda surprised me. It has a bluesy feeling, sounds a little like steely dan, which is no small feat.

Lyrics Jay Gross Music Jose Gomez
Performance Jose Gomez
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