Just You and Me

Song Length 3:16 Genre R & B - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Lost Love
Language English

Sounds like Good Old R & B.... Excellent tune, perfect for that era!! Could play in a scene in a film!!

She reminds me of Phyllis Hyman & she was an excellent vocalist, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. Sounds like a classic 70's song. You know when lyrics mattered in music. This vocalist has a classic clean sound. Good work guys.

Great to hear a real old school sound and vibe! Reminds me of so much wonderful music from the 80's. Low score from me for market potential but only because it is too late for such a track - if you'd asked me in 1987 it would be a 5/5!
Reminds me of: Jeff Lorber/Al Jarreau/Sherrick and many more!

Instrumental track was was very nice. Both the lead and background vocals were very nice too.

This is SERIOUSLY the kind of stuff the classics came from late 70's & 80's! Vocals are on point, the hook is good, musicianship needle point accurate. Feels like something that was in a movie once after a short time on the radio. It may have some use today for some scene in TV or MOVIE for a throw back period etc, not sure about other use now, unless a modernized cover.

Lyrics Jay Gross Music Jose Gomez
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