Friday Night Fights

Story Behind The Song

Fridays after work we would travel for over two hours. Road weary, we would get home tired and a bit grumpy. Friday night fight is a love ballad, albeit disagreement we knew we would Love each other for ever.

Song Description

A very Honky Tonk Boogie song with killer Fiddle and Guitar bickering back and forth. Driving Drums and a bouncy fun Bass line that keep up to the high energy tongue and cheek duet vocals. Keeping this true to life love song moving like an untamed Mustang.

Song Length 3:04 Genre Country - Boogie, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Annoyed, Content Subject Fight, Making Up
Similar Artists Johnny and June Cash, The Charlie Daniels Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


Friday Night Fights

Every Friday night we have a fight. Every Friday night we have a fight. Baby and me we disagree,
but I'm for you and baby you're for me, Every Friday night we have a fight.

Hello there mirror on the wall,
tell me who's the most stubborn one of all. Is it you, or is it me?
We are just so meant to be.
Even if we sit here silently.

It's become so clear that you can't hear,
I never even said that sentence dear.
Baby you just don't listen to me.
There's too much misunderstanding,
But I will still happily wear your ring

Every Friday night we have a fight.
Every Friday night we have a fight.
Baby if you'd just listen to me,
we'd be a happy family.
Then every Friday night won't be a fight.

Great Roots Feel!

nice country tune here. like the harp, nice sound, fiddle too
good work on background vocs.

Wow!!!Blew the speakers out of my ears. Loved it, very groovy and a real crowd pleasure. Hot guitar work!!

This had a fun upbeat country rock vibe, this style is my favorite type of country.I liked the harmonies and the two voices complimented each other nicely. The guitar playing was awesome, and loved the riffs on the chorus. it was a good length, just enough to keep you interedted and not long enough for you to get bored.

Lyrics Mark & Michelle Szalapski Music Mark Szalapski
Producer Jake Johnson
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